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“The Ninth Brain Suite Checklist Tool for creating custom checklists keeps us accountable for tracking mandatory items and competencies, and following proper protocol.”


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Credential Tracking

“Ninth Brain Suite software provides a centralized software solution for all of our credential tracking needs, ensuring compliance and reducing liability.”


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Employee Health Tracking

“The Ninth Brain Suite software is now fully integrated into our day-to-day operations for maintaining accurate medical records, reducing visit time from compliance organizations.”


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Learning Management System

“The Ninth Brain Suite Learning Management System allows you to use provided content or upload your own content for online course offerings.”


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Incident Tracker

“The Ninth Brain Suite software revolutionized how we tracked our incidents. It is astonishing how much time and money it has saved us.”            


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“The paperless forms tool within the Ninth Brain Suite software optimizes work flow by letting us create tailored forms and surveys, and allows for real time feedback.”


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Credential Verification

“Using Ninth Brain Software ensures that I avoid fines and penalties and stay PPACA compliant.”


About Us

The Ninth Brain Suite Software provides a centralized solution for accountabilitytracking credentials and operational incidents, licenses, education records and OSHA employee health events, and delivering education through the web, saving our clients time and money, and improving productivity and communication.

What Our Customers Say

"Ninth Brain Suite rocks! Of all the data programs and systems I work with...Ninth Brain Suite is by far the best platform!"

-Riggs Ambulance, Merced, CA

"We estimate our annual savings on training costs alone to easily be in the $100,000 range - no joke!"

- Professional Ambulance, Cambridge, MA

Did You Know?

Inventory iconChecklist Tool now available! Create custom checklists for individuals, vehicles, equipment and physical structures.